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Production Lines & MACHINERY

Miter Saw

Power miter saws are designed to make angled cuts for moulding, trim work, rafters and other general carpentry applications.


To cut large size sheets such as MDF, laminates, chipboards, solid woods, plywood, and acrylic sheets into sizes.

Bench Grinder

Bench top grinder is used for sharpening cutting tools such as chisels, gouges, blades etc.

Dust Collector

Dust Collector System helps to reduce the amount of dust in the carpentry workshop generated by operating machines like plainer, panel saw, wood thickner, spindle moulder etc.

Multifunction Spary Paint

A spray booth is a specially designed enclosure used to house spray equipment and isolate expelled vapor that is generated during a spray application process.

Radial Arm Saw

A radial arm saw is a cutting machine consisting of a circular saw mounted on a sliding horizontal arm.The radial arm saw was the primary tool used for cutting long pieces of stock to length etc.

Spindle Moulder

Spindle moulder: It is a moulder the shapes by cutting excess wood needed to get the design profiles. (Architraves, skirting, handrails, cornice etc)

Thicknesser Planer

Thicknesser is used to trim solid wood to a consistent thickness of length and flat of both surfaces. The uniformity so created will increase the finish.

Band Saw

A bandsaw is a power saw with a long, sharp blade consisting of a continuous band of toothed metal stretched between two or more wheels to cut material.

Hot Press Machine

The hot press machine is used for pressing laminates, veneer onto mdf, plywood and chipboard.